What is Rental/ Downtime Coverage?

If your truck is in the shop because of an insurance claim you need to be able to continue driving revenue to your business. Your fixed expenses aren’t stopping just because your truck is in the shop. Your insurance, truck payment, software, your own salary, and various other expenses will still be due despite the hang up in your business.

There is only one way to continue making money and that is with a small endorsement on your insurance policy that really packs a punch. It is called Rental/ Downtime coverage. How it works is if your truck is in the shop from a covered claim, it pays for a rental truck for you. If you cannot find a truck, it pays for downtime income for you.

What this means is that if you have a claim that’s on your policy, you are still driving revenue to your business and staying profitable. An insurance claim causing your truck to be out for weeks, or months, can be the final knock out punch for an unprepared business.

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