I Can Have a Temporary Driver That’s Not On My Insurance, Right?

Every few weeks I hear of a claim where a trucking company knowingly let an unlisted driver get behind the wheel of one of their trucks. These situations often lead to a claim, which are then in turn denied and the customer is out thousands.

If a driver is not on your trucking policy, they are not covered to drive your truck. Even if it’s deadheading. Even if it’s just to the warehouse. Even if it’s just one night. Your insurance carrier would be well within their rates to decline a claim for an unlisted driver. Sometimes the carrier may be generous and cover it, but they are well within their rates to decline.

One of the largest risks you can take in your business is to let a driver haul for you that is not listed as a driver on your trucking policy. You can be out tens of thousands in dollars as that claim will not be covered.

Don’t risk your business for a load.

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