Real Estate Investors

Hand-Picked Carriers

We have contracts with both national insurance carriers along with regional carriers to provide fairly exclusive options to our clients. We first have a discovery call to discuss your unique risk.

We have top-shelf carriers for single-family, multi-family, apartment buildings, short term rentals, and rehabs.

Rehab Options

If you are rehabbing a property that you will then rent out, we have policies to reduce your overall cost and without having to rewrite your policy. This is perfect for BRRRR investors.

If you’re doing a fix and flip, we can provide a builder’s risk policy for you in minutes.

Industry Knowledge

Your portfolio has probably outgrown the agency that insures your homes and auto. We understand what you need and don’t need and we have the carriers to back it up.

We know accessibility, good rates, and comprehensive coverage are what real estate investors want. We do that, and leverage technology so you can quickly close on homes, refinance, and always see your policies on the go.

Real Estate Investors