How to Start a Trucking Company!

13 Steps To Starting Your Trucking Company!

You can file for your LLC either directly through the state or through an online vendor like Legal Zoom. 

If you choose to have a DBA (Doing Business As), this could cause confusion with FMCSA, insurance, and with loads. 

Your business will be recognized as significantly more legitimate if your email has a domain and isn't just @gmail. You can buy the domain for your business and then get email domains for your business. 

For example, if your company is Red Rose Trucking your email could be instead of 

If you apply for your DOT and MC with your cell phone, you will quickly regret it as you are receiving endless spam calls. At the minimum, get a Google Voice Number. 

You can either apply for your DOT yourself or through a DOT process agent. 

Will you be hauling with box trucks? A tractor trailer? Trying out hot shot? Will you be driving, or will you pay for drivers?

Consider the profitability of each option. A common path is people starting out with box trucks and then pivoting to tractor trailers as they grow. 

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Once you decide what type of truck, you'll start to decide on the actual truck. Consider age, cost of maintenance, mileage, length, lift gate, and price.

You will want to keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. Setting up a business bank account is a great idea. 

You will want to pay for a DOT processing service to file your BOC-3 for you. It is easy to mess up and can cause delays. 

As you secure your truck you will want to buy your insurance (you may even want to buy your insurance a couple weeks ahead of time). 

Your insurance company will be submitting Federal Filings. 

The two main Federal Filings are the BMC-91 and MCS-90.

If you are hauling household goods you will also need a BMC-34.

If you are hoping to do Amazon Relay here is a video on how to. 

You are now ready to haul. Make sure you understand certificates of insurance (COI), and about your trucking insurance policy.