Amazon Relay

Amazon Relay requires every trucking company to have:

  • $1 million auto liability
  • $100,000 cargo coverage
  • $1 million (per occurrence)/ $2 million (aggregate) in general liability coverage
  • In some cases you may need workers compensation coverage
  • In some cases you may need $100,000 of employer liability coverage
  • If you have a semi you need $50,000 of trailer replacement coverage

We are tightly connected to Amazon Relay and know their systems, timing, and process. We are often brought in as a consultant by other companies for troubleshooting problems trucking companies have with Amazon Relay. We are in communication with Amazon Relay almost every single day.

A few things to watch out for:

  • Many companies often over charge for general liability insurance. If you pay more than $500 a year, you are paying more than your peer group of other trucking companies.
  • Make sure you have physical damage coverage for your trucks. On policies this is called comprehensive and collision. Amazon does not require it, but you absolutely want to make sure you have it so you have coverage for the actual value of the truck if you were in an accident, your truck was stolen, or you have a claim.
  • Amazon will not allow trucks shorter than 24’.

Here is a short video on applying for Amazon Relay:

YouTube video

The cost of insurance for Amazon Relay is unique to each business owner and is largely based on zip-code, credit of the business owner, accidents and violations, and the amount/ value of the trucks on your policy. If you fill out this form below we’ll send you our proposal.”

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