Four Signs Your Trucking Company Needs A New Insurance Agent

  1. They only have one option for you. They can’t re-shop their policy because all they have is one insurance carrier to represent.
  2. They don’t understand your company. You explain your hauling for something like Amazon Relay and they say, “What’s that?” Any agency specializing in trucking insurance should have intricate knowledge of Amazon Relay, DOT compliance, and how trucking companies operate.
  3. They don’t specialize in trucking insurance. Don’t let someone learn to shave on your face. Work with an experienced trucking insurance agent.
  4. They don’t have a self-service portal setup for Certificates of Insurance (COI). If you need to email your agent for every COI, that’s a problem. Your agent should not only respond with COIs quickly, they should allow you to get COIs 24/7.

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