Can I Sleep In My Box Truck?

Starting a box truck company, or any trucking company, can be exhausting and expensive. You have high costs for fuel, insurance, labor, and maintenance (on top of actually trying to make money). You’re trying to cut costs, increase profitability, and make a living for you and your family. One way many trucking companies cut costs is eliminating hotel costs.

If you have a sleeper in your truck, you, or your driver, can sleep there instead of a hotel. You can only sleep in the cab of your truck if it has a sleeper. It is illegal to sleep in a day cab, even if you use an inflatable bed over the seats, use curtains, or it’s just for a few hours. Most box trucks don’t have a sleeper, but some do and could be worth the price if you are going over the road. If you pay $100/night for 20 nights a month, that is $2,000 monthly, $24,000 across a year. It wouldn’t take long to have a sleeper pay for itself.

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