How Do I Make Sure My Trucking Company Doesn’t Get Scammed?

If you are a member of any of the trucking Facebook groups you have likely seen countless stories of how people have been scammed out of thousands of dollars. From the down deposit of a truck to logo design, there are numerous people waiting to take your money when you’re not paying attention.

Here are our keys to ensuring your trucking company doesn’t get scammed:

  1. Never apply or discuss a grant with someone from the Facebook groups.
  2. Never pay for a logo from anyone in a Facebook group. This is a widely known scam for a low value but the scammers never tire of posting.
  3. Never do business with a broker, insurance agent, or anyone without an email domain. For example, is a red flag. But if their email was it would be seeming much more secure.
  4. Never pay a down deposit on a truck without an agreement in place and physically seeing the truck. Often this scam is done by offering a box truck at what appears to be a significant discount and telling people to put down a deposit to secure the truck. You’ll send them money and never hear from them again.

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