How To Reduce Your Trucking Insurance Cost (Not Just Your Premium)

Trucking companies that are growing have a continuous need for effective, responsible drivers with a clean driving record. We always recommend to clients to only hire drivers without any violations, accidents, or suspensions in the last three years. But after they are hired, you are now responsible for their own future risks. If a driver has an accident while hauling for your authority,

Your total cost of risk is the sum of your insurance premium, deductibles, and increase of insurance premium resulting from claims.

Some options to reduce your risk include drug testing, annual MVR checks, dash cam programs, and driver safety coaching.

We partner with several companies that are focused on the risk management of trucking companies. With many of these companies we are now able to provide a dash camera via a third party to provide coaching and resources for safer driving, both protecting your drivers, and protecting your company. One idea that is popular is to tie a monthly bonus to the driver with the highest safety score.

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