Why Amazon Relay Says You Do Not Meet Their Compliance Requirements

Applying for Amazon Relay has several possible delays if you don’t know the process. If you are applying for Amazon Relay and you see this error screen on Amazon you are not alone. This is a very common error screen and often doesn’t actually indicate that there is a problem. It happens on the main page after you put in your DOT and MC numbers. This often happens with newer authority. Likely in this scenario Amazon’s system has yet to refresh and the info in their system is just old. They don’t yet know that your authority is active.

An easy fix for this is to email Amazon Relay to refresh your authority in their system. We have found success for our clients by emailing onboardwithrelay@amazon.com. If you don’t email them, you may need to wait a couple days, but in most situations, you’ll be able to apply in a few days

If you’ve had authority for at least several weeks, have not previously applied for Amazon, and have zero DOT violations, ask Amazon at that same email (onboardwithrelay@amazon.com) and ask them why you can’t apply.

If you have previously applied for Amazon or have DOT violations, this error may be legitimate and you may not be compliant to apply for Amazon Relay.

When you’re ready to apply for Amazon Relay you can learn how here.

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