Do I Need to List All of My Vehicles on My Trucking Insurance Policy?

You own a trucking company. You have your $1,000,000 auto liability policy with a truck but you’re also leasing or renting a couple trucks through Enterprise and you selected to use their insurance. You say to yourself, “Great, all of my trucks are on an insurance policy. I’m ready to go!”

Unfortunately this is false. Due to your federal filings you are required to list all vehicles owned or operated by your trucking company on your auto liability policy that is tracked by FMCSA. Enterprise, Ryder, or Budget’s insurance is not sufficient.

Failure to add a truck on your policy can put you in a financial hole that your business will not be able to dig yourself out of. If there is an accident your claim will likely be denied and you will be left paying for it out of pocket and future wage garnishments.

Adding a truck owned or operated in your business is not optional and failure to do so will cost you in the long run.

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