How Can I Renew My Trucking Insurance Policy?

One often unforeseen problem trucking companies run into is the renewal of their insurance policy. You want to make sure to renew your policy early to prevent delays.

Let’s say your policy renews on August 1st. You can’t get certificates of insurance (COI) until you pay for your renewal.  Many brokers will even be hesitant to give you a load if you’re in the final couple weeks of your policy and you don’t have your new COI.

We recommend paying for your renewal at least two weeks in advance in order to activate the renewal and get your COI off to everyone. This will help keep your loads from being suspended and you hauling profitably. Most insurance agencies will be able to send the COI as long as the renewal offer has been paid.

If you are hauling for Amazon Relay, it is very important to do this early, possibly before two weeks before, in order to update RMIS and Amazon Relay themselves.

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