Five Things To Do When Your Trucking Insurance Policy Is About To Renew

Your insurance is about to renew and you know you need to pay some attention to the renewal but you’re not sure exactly how to navigate it. We’ve processed hundreds of renewals for trucking companies. These are the five things you absolutely need to do before your insurance renews.

  1. Make sure your agent is re-shopping your policy. They should be able to shop your policy through many carriers.
  2. Once you decided on which policy to renew with, if you pay early you can have your Certificates of Insurance (COI) sent out for renewal to prevent being down.
  3. Review your bill plan. Sometimes you can change from having a higher down payment to lower for the renewal.
  4. Review your drivers, vehicles, radius, and garaging address. These all must stay up to date and can impact the rating of your policy.
  5. Consider if you now need Roadside Assistance, Worker’s Compensation, or Cyber Liability.

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